sterile room temperature human dermis graft

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Derm-Maxx™ Dermal Matrix is an acellular human dermis graft sterilized using the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process. This proprietary process retains the three dimensional intertwined multidirectional fibers and mechanical properties of the native tissue. Derm-Maxx™ Dermal Matrix provides a natural scaffold to support the body's regenerative processes.

Derm-Maxx™ Dermal Matrix at a Glance


Terminally sterilized to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6 Via the Tutoplast Process.


Preserved vascular channels,  Preserved key components of the native matrix, Revascularization evident in as early as 7 days in an animal model.


Five year shelf life

The Tutoplast Process uses solvent dehydration to allow for a five year on-the-shelf storage.
This proprietary processing step eliminates the need for freezing or refrigeration of the graft. The storage characteristics of Derm-Maxx™ Dermal Matrix provide convenient, on-the-shelf storage between 1 °C and 37 °C for easy access and use.

Simple single step rehydration

Derm-Maxx™ Dermal Matrix's single rehydration step* in room temperature sterle saline requires minimal effort and time. The quick rehydration of the Derm-Maxx™ Dermal Matrix can reduce OR time and costs.

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