Revolutionizing wound care with advanced biologics

Life Biologics pioneers the use of Amniotic tissue to create high-quality human amniotic tissue grafts for advanced wound care. Our innovative products provide patients with a full range of treatment options.

Transforming Wound Care with Advanced Skin Substitutes

Life Biologics' advanced skin substitutes offer a breakthrough solution for patients and healthcare providers. With our high-quality human amniotic tissue, we provide cutting-edge wound care treatments that deliver superior outcomes.

Accelerates Healing Process

Reduces Infection Risk

Enhances Tissue Regeneration

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Cutting-edge Human Amniotic Tissue Grafts

Life Biologics' tissue are highly biocompatible, easy to use, and effective in wound healing.

Cutting-Edge Wound Care Solutions

Life Biologics' tissue provide advanced treatment options for patients in need of wound care.

Enhance Wound Healing with Life Biologics

Life Biologics' tissue are designed to enhance the natural wound healing process.

Streamlining Reimbursement

Life Biologics' provides fast reimbursement support for healthcare providers.

Learning and Academic Pursuits

Life Biologics' offers educational resources, patient information, and clinical applications.

Versatile Medical Solutions

Explore our advanced amniotic tissue products for effective treatment of various medical conditions.

Transforming Placental tissue into Life-Saving Grafts

Streamlined Process

Life Biologics takes Placental tissue and uses advanced techniques to create high-quality grafts.

Quality Assurance

Our grafts undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and efficacy.

Expert Service

Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping your team with support and education in advanced wound care solutions

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly researching and innovating to enhance our grafts and processes.

Discover Our Advanced Biologic Products

Life Biologics pioneers high-quality human amniotic tissue grafts for advanced wound care.


Find answers to common questions about amniotic tissue grafts and learn more about their benefits for wound care.

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What is amniotic tissue?

Amniotic tissue is a type of regenerative material derived from the placenta. It contains growth factors and other bioactive components that promote healing and tissue regeneration.

How are amniotic tissue grafts used?

Amniotic tissue grafts are used in wound care to promote healing and tissue regeneration. They can be applied topically or used in surgical procedures to enhance the body's natural healing process.

Are amniotic tissue grafts safe?

Yes, amniotic tissue grafts are considered safe. The tissue is thoroughly screened and processed to ensure it meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Are amniotic tissue grafts effective?

Yes, amniotic tissue grafts have been shown to be effective in promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration. They provide a rich source of growth factors and bioactive components that support the body's natural healing process.

How can I get amniotic tissue grafts?

To learn more about how to access amniotic tissue grafts for wound care, please contact our team. We will be happy to provide you with the information and assistance you need.